Objectives of LIAZ

The objectives of the Association are:

  1. To establish and maintain an Association for persons and organisations concerned with and interested in library, documentation and information work.
  2. To encourage the establishment and development of libraries, documentation and information centers, and library co-operation in Zambia.
  3. To build a body of knowledge of the art and science of librarianship, documentation and information science and to stimulate interest and the promotion of the exchange of information and ideas.
  4. To establish and maintain an information centre, the collection of literature and other materials relating to library, documentation and information science and to afford facilities for their use.
  5. To unite all persons interested and engaged in library, documentation and information science by such means as conferences, seminars, meetings and symposia, and to promote research.
  6. To improve all standards of librarianship, documentation, bibliography and information work in Zambia.
  7. To facilitate research into library, documentation and information work and to make the results of such research available.
  8. To institute, establish and promote training courses, scholarships, grants, awards, and prizes and to encourage education in the practices of library, information and documentation services.
  9. To affiliate or otherwise associate formally with any organisation in Zambia or elsewhere having objectives in whole or in part similar to those of the Association.
  10. To establish and develop branches of the Association and such other subsidiary bodies as may from time to time prove desirable.
  11. To collaborate and maintain close contacts with colleges, universities, professional institutions, government ministries and departments, and other organizations inside and outside Zambia.
  12. To purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire and also dispose of any houses or lands of any tenure or any real or personal property and any rights which the Association may think necessary and convenient for the promotion of its objectives and to construct, maintain and alter any buildings for the work of the Association.
  13. To Source or raise money for the purposes of the Association's business and to secure repayments thereof by bonds, deventures, mortgages or other securities on such terms and on such security as may be thought fit by the Executive Committee of the Association.
  14. To invest the monies of the Association not immediately required for its purposes in such manner as may be approved by the Executive Committee.
  15. To receive grants and donations under conditions acceptable to the Executive Committee of the Association.
  16. To apply, petition for or promote any Act of Parliament or other authority with a view to attain the above objectives.
  17. To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or may be thought by the Executive Committee to be conducive to the attainment of the objectives.
  18. To advise and lobby government on issues relating to library and information services in Zambia.