LIAZ Professional Journal


Past LIAZ Editor

We welcome you to this issue of the Library and Information Association of Zambia Journal Volume 3
Number 1 & 2 of 2018. This issue is dedicated to papers that were presented during the Library and
Information Association of Zambia Annual Conference held in 2018. The theme of the conference was
“The Role of information professionals in accelerating development efforts towards Vision 2030.
Sub-themes include:
Ÿ Economic Diversification
Ÿ Human Development
Ÿ Provision of Library services to Children
Ÿ Public Libraries and Poverty Reduction
Ÿ ICTs and Service Delivery in Information Centres
Ÿ Information Providers: Their role in enhancing inclusive democratic systems.
Ÿ Creating a conducive governance environment for a diversified and inclusive economy.
We however included extra articles that were not presented at the Conference. The papers were a
mixture of both the library and records management fields.
We hope that you will find the issue enriching

Raymond Sikanyika
Editor in Chief

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