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LIAZ 2021 Newsletter

2021 Newsletter Cover page

Editor’s Message

I am delighted to once again welcome you our valued readers to this 7th and enriching Issue of the 2021 Library and Information Association of Zambia (LIAZ) Newsletter.

The Editorial Board has continued to focus on making the Newsletter a preferred read for readers within and outside the field of Library and Information Services (LIS). This is despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic that negatively affected our activities and information services to the public.

You will agree with me that 2020 has indeed been a challenging year for information providers especially during the third wave of 2021 that led to the closure of libraries, registries and museums to the public and the subsequent cancellation of the 2020 LIAZ Annual General Conference (AGC).

Nevertheless, I am glad to mention that LIS professionals rose to the challenge and utilized alternative safe electronic platforms for service delivery to their users. The Association provided knowledge sharing platforms such as webinars where papers that were supposed to have been presented at the AGC were shared virtually.

The profession further commemorated the 2020 National library week virtually by sharing photos, short documentaries and write-ups about their libraries and services they provide. For enhanced information use and sharing during the pandemic, please read more in this Issue. Other interesting articles include the National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) Library media engagement programme; the female librarians’ visit to women marketeers at COMESA market; and the continued support of librarians to inmates from selected prisons around the country. Also look out for an interesting story about one of our celebrated veteran librarian and academician, Dr Hudwell Mwacalimba, who among his numerous contributions to the development of the LIS profession, led a team of professionals to set up a Library at State House in 1964. The profession was saddened by the fire incident that burned down one of the reading rooms at Lubuto Library Partners (LLP) in Lusaka. Read more about how the project is recovering and rebuilding from the fire incident in this Issue.

I wish to thank your readership and your continued support through the submission of articles and suggestions on the content of the Newsletter. It is our hope that you will find this edition informative and educative. Enjoy the read and remember COVID-19 is real. Let us protect ourselves and others in our homes and places of work by adhering to preventive guidelines provided by health experts such as washing of hands frequently, maintaining social distancing and masking up in public places.

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Ephraim Banda

Editor in Chief